Ground Floor Extension with Garage and Storage Area

Double Garage | Storage Area| Weatherboard & Colorsteel

The extension matched the same style and materials as the existing home.

This extension became not only very funtional but also an outstanding part of the house with a storage area, and gym in the garage (usable while even having two cars parked inside).

– Anton

The garage house extension in Orewa was designed to accommodate two cars and add significant storage space with covered access from the existing home.

The architect has put a lot of thinking into the extension’s practicality and structural stability. Engineers were involved as well as the extension is situated on a hill and hence needs to be supported with concrete piles.

We started by getting steel cages ready then moved to digging the trenches and drilling. The foundation of this extension consists of the piles, embedded  5m into the solid ground, concrete reinforced footings, blockwork and concrete floor with thickenings under the load bearing walls.

Once everything was completed we moved to the next stage – framing. During all work, we kept the majority of cladding of the existing house on to avoid any moisture penetration. We came back to this, later on, to properly connect the framing and provide weather tightness.

The added garage has a mono pitch roof to match the existing house and a skylight to enlighten the hall area. The cladding is Hardies linea bevel back weatherboards also to match the existing house.

Fully insulated and carpeted including an an insulated custom powder-coated garage door, garage door tracks, and posh flat door panels.

Some photos from the interior: