Home Alterations Auckland

A home alteration company that understands the importance of good planning and project management.

We pride ourselves on completing high standard Auckland home alterations complated on time and within budget – in fact we guarantee this.

Smart house alterations can modernise and improve the enjoyment and livability of a home.

Popular home alterations include extensions, complex removations, garage and basement conversions, load bearing wall removals, structural alterations, sound proofing, windows replacement, new doors and flooring.


Our 5 most popular home alterations

House extensions

Garage & basement conversions

Wall removal and load bearing wall conversions

Structural alterations

Home layout alterations

New skirting, architraves, doors and flooring are also common in Auckland homes.

For all projects we offer end to end management or are ready to work in with your architect or designer.

Make the most of your existing home with a smart home alteration. Good chocies at the design and planing stage help ensure a rewarding result, especially in home extension and partition or wall removal jobs.

We bring our training and experience in structural engineering, the consent process and building regulations to complete your job stress free and to a high standard. As house builders we keep an eye on the big picture and focus on bringing your vision to a high standard completed project.

Need more living space? Our background in engineering and large scale construction will ensure that your room conversion is completed to a high standard and within your budget. No conversion is too big or small – we can excavate and lay new foundations, install structural supports, open up walls, install insulation and re-roof if required.

How Our Auckland Home Alterations Work

We work with architects all around Auckland to prepare the construction drawings. We apply for the building consent and when this is granted we will start the construction process. Different jobs demand different Council inspections and once these have passed, we can finalise the building process and apply for the Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC).

Steps to success:
1) Meet and discuss the project
2) Preliminary estimation of the project
3) Meet with the architect
4) Final estimate
5) Apply for Building Consent
6) Organise the start date and delivery of materials
7) Construction stage
8) Inspection stage
9) Project completion, obtain CCC

House Extensions to Expand and Add Value to Your Home

A large part of our construction work involves home extensions.

Common extensions include;

  • garage extensions
  • ground floor extensions
  • second storey extensions

Extensions can also be made into self-contained units with kitchen and bathroom.

Read more about our house extension work here.

Garage and basement conversions

A smart design can turn your garage or basement into a very livable additional bedroom or self-contained unit.

Garages and basements can be converted into habitable rooms without building consent if they meet the standards of the NZ Building Code.

We also have the experience to excavate and or extend your garage or basement and convert it, with any required structural alterations, into a larger and more livable room.

A garage (or basement) can also be converted into a self contained unit (secondary dwelling) with a kitchen and bathroom.

We can manage your home alteration project end to end, help advise on cost effective solutions and support with the consent process.

Load bearing wall removals

Home alterations that involve removing walls to create a more spacious open plan layout, or large windows or doors can often require the removal of a load bearing wall.

Load bearing walls can generally be replaced with a beam.

This type of work will require a building consent. As licensed builders, we can guide you through solutions that meet the building code and if needed also support you through the consent process.

If the wall is not load-bearing the wall removal work will likely not require building consent.

We’d love to chat with you about your vision