House Recladding Auckland

We’re Auckland reclad builders that know the importance of smart planning and project management.

We take great pride in completing Auckland reclads on time and within budget – in fact we guarantee it!

Our expertise in civil engineering and project management brings clarity and transparency to planning and estimates. We can stay in budget expectations while not cutting corners and finish your re-cladding project to the highest standard.


Leaky home recladding

Cosmetic reclads

Structural repairs

Detailed planning

We manage consents

Succesful recladding projects need clear and transparent planning and smart decision making at every stage. Our expertise in civil engineering and project management brings confidence and transparency to the process.

A full house reclad is generally the ideal choice rather than attempting to fix and isolated problem. Uncovering all watertightness issues will bring full confidence in a healthy home. Recladding your entire home is also chance to significantly upgrade the look and value of your property.

During the recladding process, we review and often improve watertightness issues the design such as:

Upgrade flashings

Watertight exterior fittings

Joinery: New windows & doors

Correct groundlines

Ensure separation from outdoor structures

Correct roofing and drainage

How a Home Recladding Works

Whether you are recladding a leaky home, or recladding a weatherboard or plaster home without known water damage the process is similar.

Basic steps for an Auckland recladding project;
1) Inspection, estimations and planning
2) Wrap and protect your house
3) Remove the existing cladding
4) Inspect structure for damage and rot
5) Repair any damage (and renovate if desired)
6) Reclad building

We work with architects all around Auckland to prepare the construction drawings. We apply for the building consent and when this is granted we will start the construction process. Different jobs demand different Council inspections and once these have passed, we can finalise the building process and apply for the Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC).

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