Puhoi residence build

260m2 | Brick and Colorsteel | Roof pitch 25 degrees

This build was a rewarding experience as the customer was also fully engaged both in project management and the laboring part of the build. We enjoyed working together and hope to repeat it again sometime in the future. 

The site cut was already done by the time when we were engaged and we were able to go straight to the foundation preparation. As the platform is right next to the steep bank the engineering team decided to support the RIB RAFT floor with concrete piles, 3m deep. 

After drilling and concreting the piles we boxed the floor and installed all components of the RIB RAFT system. Prior to that the plumbers did their part of the job. All inspections were passed from the first time and were ready for the big pour. 

Though the weather was hot, the concrete pump and cortege of concrete trucks didn’t let us down.

Unfortunately, we had to freeze the job due to COVID, but as soon as things were clear we came back and started framing. No problems at all as long as I remember. Inspection passed from the first time. 

A beautiful roof with nice straight lines and valleys.

The building was wrapped with EcoPly barrier, in my view not the cheapest way but definitely the most preferred due to its bracing, acoustic and insulation features.

– Anton

Windows were installed and ready for the cavity system and cladding.  The Colorsteel cladding then went on, followed by the installation of all the steel to brick junction flashings. Needless to say, the design is fantastic: industrial barn Colorsteel cladding lines and amazing rustic brick. Black and red, that’s it. 

We managed to drop the scaffolding down as soon as the roof was finished and used the mobile scaffold to finish the rest. The mobile scaffold was purchased by the owner and definitely saved him a dollar compared to a proper scaffold. 

The owner had to move in as soon as the last brick went in the wall, the cladding inspection passed easily.

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