Paremoremo swimming pool with retaining wall

Project value $250000 | Swimming pool and deck extension | Large retaining wall construction

Julie and David bought the property with an old swimming pool surrounded by a deck, which collapsed six months later after heavy rain washed out the footings of the badly constructed deck. 

In order to safely retain the slope and the house foundation engineers recommended building a retaining wall system that would create a box for the new pool to be installed in. 

Difficult access to that area of the property pushed us to install a 30 metre long conveyor belt system in order to manage the movement of materials and aggregates.

Two excavators were used: one on the bottom to dig and one at the top to fill the conveyors. 

Massive SED piles were embedded deeply into the ground, hundreds of meters of retaining boards and tons of aggregate were installed prior to the pool installation.

The pool was successfully craned in and we built a beautiful deck around it. We also built in better access, a chill-out area and a handy pool storage space.

A sturdy retaining wall was built to secure the pool and house.

The balustrade was built from timber frame and stainless steel wires, which disappear into the views of the beautiful landscape but are safe and sound and require a little maintenance. 

A heat pump was installed to heat the swimming pool water and so the pool is ready to be enjoyed all year round.

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